Is English Writing Course Fraud a Good Thing?

Jiawen Feng, a 24-year-old Chinese American, tried to pass off as another student at the University of Warwick, when he used another student’s ID and passport to take the entrance exams for the English Language course. However, when security officials checked his bag they discovered that he had documents that proved exactly who he was.

Jiawen was taken into custody and the police were called to the scene. The students’ union then arranged to have him paid by the students for the period of time he spent in custody and the other student who had forged his documents was also arrested.

Jiawen Feng is now facing prosecution in a court of law on charges of deception, forgery of documents. He could face a penalty of up to seven years in prison and he could have his passport taken away if convicted.

He has been suspended from the University of Warwick and is not allowed back until the case is concluded. A disciplinary hearing has been scheduled to take place later this month.

It was a surprise to many that this student took an English Language course on a false identity. Some people even think that his aim was to get into university and get a degree in English as a Foreign Language (ESL). This is because the course is designed to give students an overview of the English language and to help them read and write it.

In fact, this is a very difficult subject to study as it requires a lot of dedication and persistence to make it worthwhile. A lot of students end up failing the course because they feel it is not challenging enough for them.

There are some very strong arguments in favour of having the University of Warwick prosecute Jiawen Feng. The first reason is that the student may not have had the ability to learn English in school.

The second reason is that he was trying to cheat the students and the third reason is that he would have had a better chance of passing the examination if he had been taught by an ESL teacher who could show him the basics. Of course, there are also some strong arguments against his innocence.

The fact that this student chose an English course without realising that he was going to need a good knowledge of English language rules is also a weak point. It is quite possible for someone who has never studied English before to pass this examination. However, those who have studied and mastered English grammar and composition will be able to do so much better.

Also, Feng may not have been able to pass the exam if he had only had a little experience with it. If you think of it, many people who start learning English in the university cannot actually say they have learned the language in school.

One of the main arguments in favour of prosecuting Jiawen Feng for forging the documents is that he could have had the resources to make another student to pass the examination. The other student may have been in a similar position to Feng and could have passed it with ease.

It would be an unfair way to punish him because Feng had the opportunity to pass the exam. If he did not have the resources, he may have been discouraged from taking the course and stopped studying English. However, he may have been persuaded to try again if he had to.

It is also possible that the exams will not pass if students are not given enough help with the questions. Many students could do with a tutor instructor to help them through the questions and answers.

Is English Writing Course Fraud a Good Thing?
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