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The Role That Numerical Reasoning Plays in a Person’s Life

Numerical reasoning can be used in a number of different situations and it can help people work better. Numerical reasoning can be used in many different environments and some of the applications it is often used in include: Numerical reasoning can also be used in a wide variety of different tests, and it can be […]

Take My University Examination – Can I Do It For Free?

Taking college exams is part of your college education, but it’s always nice to have a little bit of extra cash on hand to help cover the cost of taking a university exam. The key to this is to know how much money you will need for the college exam and how much of that […]

How to Handle Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty is defined very broadly as, but certainly not limited to, getting or giving inappropriate assistance in an examination, exam or report, or providing, or offering to take out of context, another person’s answer to a question; or collaboration with another individual, other than yourself, in an examination, report or study guide. Academic cheating […]

Bio-Medical Technology – What You Should Know

Biotechnology is the study of nature to improve human health and wellness. Biotechnology is basically a broad field of science, encompassing the study of micro-organisms, including plants and animals, to make or develop new medical products or therapies. Depending on the available tools and techniques, however, it may overlap with other scientific disciplines. In addition […]

Why Did CEB Fail the University Examination?

Why did CEB SHL fail the university examination? This question has many answers, all of them important for the employers and the students who will apply for this post in the near future. Here are some of them: The first thing that the students should know is that the CEB SHL tests are not a […]

What Are the Best Calculators for Calculus?

If you‘re a college or university student and calculus is the required course then you need to pass the test with high grades in order to apply to next year. If you’re busy at your job or simply don’t have enough time to take your own online calculus test, this is a great solution to […]

Situational Judgment

Situation-based judgment is the process of applying the five Socratic principles of critical distance, uncertainty, ambiguity, erring only on the side of more information, and paying attention to less. The ultimate aim of situational judgment examination questions is to assess the candidate’s judgment based on his current position in the situation. It has been found […]

A Review of Bayesian Statistics

Bayes Theorem, also known as the Probability Calculus, is an analytical model, based on probability and statistics, which seek to calculate the likelihood of a certain event based on its probability relationship to all other events that might occur in the future. With this information, the model can generate a hypothesis about an unknown event, […]

The C# Programming Language

C# is an object-oriented, dynamic, multi-paradigmatic programming language containing strong typing, lexical scoping, imperative, procedural, and functional programming techniques. The object-oriented model of programming for C# was designed to simplify programming by making it more flexible, expressive and powerful. The object-orientated programming paradigm in C# allows a programmer to develop programs that are more robust, […]

What Is Logical Reasoning?

Two types of logic reasoning are often characterized as well as distinguished; formal deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning. Given an assumption, a rule or statement and a pre-condition or presupposition, one can demonstrate the following: either the assumption or the rule or the pre-condition leads logically to the conclusion or the logical consequence implied by […]

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