What is an Oracle Study Aid?

Oracle exam vouchers. A voucher (a) can be used one time only, by one individual for one test discount/fee (b) is not good at any time other than the date of the test (c) expires after the test date (d) expires, (e) cannot be exchanged for money, credit or refund, (f) may not be cancelled or refunded for money, credit or refund or (g) is limited to one exam. The Oracle voucher can be returned for another voucher or it can be combined with other vouchers to earn multiple test discounts.

The Oracle exam vouchers are valid until the exam is administered and a copy of the voucher should be obtained from the Oracle office. The vouchers are also good as gifts to employees and consultants and can be given as party favors to clients. The voucher must be returned with the appropriate payment before the exam is administered. To avoid confusion, the vouchers can be referred to as Oracle Test vouchers, Oracle Testing vouchers or Oracle Training vouchers.

The Oracle exam voucher provides a choice for the student to study for the examination using the same tools that the exam will use. In addition to a student’s own study materials, the student is allowed to use practice tests, quizzes, practice reports, the online practice test, a practice Oracle virtual lab, an Oracle consultant, and an instructor for all parts of the exam.

The test voucher is also good for the student’s travel expenses for the exam, including transportation to and from the exam site, hotel accommodation during the exam, meals, and travel to and from the Oracle test center after completion of the exam. It is important to take into account the fact that the exam can be held at different places across the country. When taking the exam, the student should make sure that he/she has an idea of what part of the country he/she will be studying in.

The Oracle exam vouchers are considered as a transferable tax deduction. The Student is not responsible for paying the tax on the value of the voucher, which is subject to the IRS rules.

The voucher cannot be applied towards the cost of a laptop computer or a software download. There is no expiration date on the voucher. The voucher is for the purpose of study only, so the student must study for the exam as directed.

The Oracle voucher cannot be applied towards the cost of a software download, or a laptop computer. The voucher can not be applied towards the cost of attending an Oracle seminar, an Oracle class, a seminar or an Oracle certification course, or an Oracle technical training class.

There is no expiration on the voucher. The voucher will become invalid upon cancellation, and no refunds will be issued if the student cancels his/her registration after the exam is complete. There are no expiration dates for the purchase of the voucher. The vouchers are non-transferable.

Students who obtain the Oracle exam voucher will need to make sure that they know what they have purchased. The exam can be bought for any number of years. If the student decides to use the vouchers, he/she must remember that the exam must be taken for a minimum of four hours.

The student must use the certificate received for the examination voucher. The certificate is not to be shared with anyone, and the student is not permitted to sell the certificate.

The test voucher will not be used to obtain a certificate in any other capacity. There is no way for the student to obtain a certificate after having passed the exam and being unable to use the exam voucher. If the student fails the exam, he/she is not responsible for purchasing another Oracle exam voucher.

The test voucher is not transferable. Students must not submit the test voucher for any type of academic or personal gain. The test voucher will be destroyed upon cancellation and no refunds will be issued if the student cancels his/her registration after the exam has been taken.

What is an Oracle Study Aid?
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