Online or College?

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My first encounter with Anatomy was during my junior year of high school. As a new student, I was excited and nervous at the same time. I had been told by other students who knew all about Anatomy classes that there was much to learn before I could even get an “A.” So I did some research on the internet, looking for ways to know if there was something else to do, or if I was wasting my time on a dead-end course. I ended up finding what I was looking for and then some.

I chose to take Anatomy because my school required that we have the courses as part of our coursework, rather than doing them independently. After my sophomore year was done with, I was still learning. So, I took a couple more Anatomy classes in order to get a stronger foundation. As I studied more, I was able to learn a lot of other subjects, too, but nothing compared to having the Anatomy course right there with me!

When I found the best online Anatomy class, I decided to see how they graded. At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect. They said they graded by how much they actually covered, and that you would get an average grade from them. This sounded okay to me, since I was confident in my abilities to study and understand the material on my own. I had been studying English, and Spanish for so long, I couldn’t imagine that I would have difficulty understanding something like anatomy.

But after the first semester of the class, I noticed that it was very different from what I was used to. It sounded very scripted, and it didn’t have the personal touch that I think most college course online has. Instead of giving you an outline of the material, they would give you a bunch of lecture videos and practice tests.

And while I’m not against online college, I don’t think it’s the best way to learn. When a professor gives you an outline of what you’re getting into, they are trying to make you think. and follow along in order to make you understand what is being discussed.

Because of this, online courses have a tendency to sound more like a business-style sales pitch than an actual class – just a bunch of people going over topics and giving tests. It may sound great in theory, but it doesn’t feel that way when you’re sitting there listening to the instructor.

If I learned anything about Anatomy, it’s that you can learn a lot, if you choose to do it right. It’s possible, but you have to do it right, otherwise you won’t learn it at all.

My first semester of the Anatomy course, I decided to stop listening to the instructor and start doing research on my own. This is something that many students tend to do, but I decided that it was worth it to see where I went wrong. In this case, I started to research by looking at videos on the internet, and then I looked at books.

After I finished my research, I was able to compare the videos to books and see what I thought of them. I also started to realize that many people were using the videos as references to help them learn anatomy. and not just because they thought they sounded great.

When I was done with my research, I decided to use the information I found to better teach myself. I learned how to analyze things better, and I found out some things that I hadn’t even considered before!

I’ve seen a lot of people go through a phase where they just want to stick with the books and forget about the online courses. I didn’t let this happen to me, and I’m glad I did. You should do the same thing – especially if you’re new to teaching yourself.

Online or College?
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