Online History Course

“My History for a New Nation” is an online history course designed for the novice student, with many national and local experts to guide students along the way. This online course was developed by former congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-PA) as a project of her new public service consulting firm, “United States History Education Project.” Ms. Edwards consulted the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Federal Election Commission, the Department of State, the American Historical Association, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and several universities.

Ms. Edwards called on her own professional and personal networks to bring together various resources from museums in the nation to help students in her Block 9 course, which took place for five days over two weeks in early April and May of this year. The focus of this course is on the founding fathers. It takes the time to break the course down to the individual figures, and how they impacted our nation.

Ms. Edwards’ staff of students, teachers, researchers, and consultants, in collaboration with a few of her district colleagues, conducted extensive research using grant funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and other sources of funds to compile an educational, informative, and well-researched program that would bring national expertise to her students. This educational effort, in combination with online resources, was a collaborative effort between the district, the U.S. Department of Education, and Ms. Edwards herself.

For those interested in the founding fathers and their impact on our nation, this online history class offered by Ms. Edwards provides an excellent source of knowledge. There are over 20 lessons, which include learning about the importance of education, the Constitution, our government, and the Bill of Rights, as well as other aspects of our Constitution.

Ms. Edwards and her students found that their research led them to a number of historical facts and artifacts, which they used in their teaching. The curriculum was built around research findings, including research into our nation’s history by Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, as well as an introduction to the early American economy. There are also lessons that teach students about key figures in American society, such as John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Williams, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Carnegie, and about important moments in our nation’s past.

Ms. Edwards has created a website to serve as a learning hub for her students, so that they can keep abreast of the latest developments as they arise. The site contains links to the online course material and to the individual lessons. The course has a question and answer forum where students can ask questions and receive answers from a dedicated teacher. Ms. Edwards also has a blog where she discusses topics on all of the course’s themes and offers some insights into what students can expect when they complete their work.

In fact, the website is so complete, in addition to being a teaching tool, that there are even discussions on the website about the course that students can take advantage of. In fact, one of the discussions centers around what students should look forward to as they progress through the course. The forum is moderated by a knowledgeable community member, and the discussions, which can range from general concerns to more specific problems, are great for learning.

Ms. Edwards is an active participant on the forums on her website, which provides valuable insight and feedback from students who are enjoying the course. Her comments and responses are both informative and always helpful to her students.

Ms. Edwards has also offered an extensive amount of homework assistance to her students, who have indicated an interest in doing so. She provides the homework on her website, as well, and offers valuable tips for students to follow.

Ms. Edwards also offers the opportunity for students to participate in the class discussion forum, and she answers questions and provides insight as students pose their own. Questions range from “Is the course worth your time,” to “How did you learn the material?” to “Why is it important to me?” Ms. Edwards uses the forum to answer these questions and provides useful information for all who sign up for the class.

In addition to the various lessons and forum discussions, this online history course is also packed with plenty of bonus items. For example, students will find that they can download multimedia lessons to their personal computers or to their mobile devices, which include videos and audio lessons. that they can use while on the go, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Online History Course
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