How To Get Your Project Management Certification

To become a Project Management Professional (PMP), you must complete the relevant academic and work experience requirements, pass the Project Management Professional Examination, and meet the educational and training requirements of the Society for Project Management (SPM). Despite your education and work experience, though, many people are simply unaware of the importance of getting their Project Management Professional Certification (PMP). For those who are aware of the importance but not familiar with how to do it, here are some tips to help get you on the right track:

Get certified – In order to get your PMP certification, you have to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Although most of the education and training requirements will apply to other professionals such as engineers and architects, getting your certification as a PMP allows you to display your expertise to potential employers.

Get a college degree – If you already have a college degree, then you can simply enroll in a graduate program that trains and prepares you for the PMP certification, or attend an online program if possible. You may want to try to take the PMI exams at a university that is accredited to offer a degree in project management.

Find the coursework – The Project Management Institute or PMI provides a wide range of programs designed for all levels of experience. Some are even designed to help you complete your PMP certification more quickly, while others are designed to help you understand the different types of projects and how they work. Many universities also have online courses in project management and many are accredited by PMI. Find out which ones are accredited and which ones do not before enrolling in any online classes.

Pay someone to do university exam – There are a number of courses you can take online, but you may want to consider doing them with an instructor who is certified and licensed through the American Society of Project Managers (ASPM). These individuals have a wealth of experience, as well as a strong reputation for helping people pass their exams. You can choose a course designed for either undergraduate or graduate students and can typically pick up the course on your own time, but you may want to hire an instructor to take notes, review what you’ve learned and answer any questions you may have before the exam begins.

Work through your coursework on your own – There is no need to pay someone to help you complete your coursework if you are unable to complete it yourself. However, there is nothing wrong with working through your coursework by yourself, especially if you want to get started on a more challenging project. If you have difficulty writing down your own assignments, take a class where you are able to do them and try to use the notes to your advantage in your test preparation.

Pay someone else to get you certified – The Project Management Institute also offers a fee-based certification program to pay someone to help you obtain your certification. This process works similar to the one described above, but it usually requires more study time and effort than the one described above, because the exam has more questions to be answered. This is a great option if you are not sure you can answer the questions in your time frame and do not wish to take the exam on your own.

If you are uncertain how to get your certification, you can ask a supervisor, manager, or higher-up employee to help you. In most cases, it is not recommended that you try to do it yourself since the person helping you will likely be not be able to help you with all the coursework. It is also important to remember that getting your certification is going to take time and work, so having someone else step in to do it for you means you won’t have to wait until it is completed before you know you are ready. The process is going to take more time, but it is well worth the investment when you understand your business better and are able to provide better project management.

How To Get Your Project Management Certification
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