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Professional human resource certificates offer a highly recognized way to show your current HR knowledge and experience. The Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) offers several levels of accredited professional certification:

PHR (Human Resource Specialist): The PHR Certification test consists of an examination in the four key areas that are essential to becoming a qualified Human Resource Specialist: knowledge, skills, abilities, and capabilities. You must have a valid state license to work as a Human Resource Specialist. Once you have obtained your certification, you will be granted a seal of acceptance by the Human Resource Management Institute (HMRI) that signifies that you have passed the exam. This certification is a prerequisite to licensing.

HRMA (Human Resource Management Association) certification: The HRMA certification is the highest recognized accreditation level in terms of certifying a Human Resource Specialist. The certification is awarded by HMRI after a review of the program.

HRSA (Human Resource Security Associate): This is the second highest level of certification awarded by HMRI. It is issued by the HRSI Board on Certification of Practical Human Resources Management, and is also recognized by the HRSA Council for Practice and Education. Passing this certification proves your practical knowledge, skills, and abilities in human resources administration.

HRSC (Human Resources Specialist Certification): The HRSC Certification exam is often administered by the International Society of Human Resources Administration (ISHRMA) and is available in two formats: an on-site exam, and a hands-on study online course. You must pass the exam to obtain certification.

HRST (Human Resources Specialist Certification Test): A standardized written examination is offered to Human Resources specialists who have already taken one or more of the above tests. Passing the HRST certification will be a prerequisite to obtaining the certification.

A Human Resource Specialist training program is required before you can begin receiving compensation for your job responsibilities. There are three major types of Human Resource Specialist training programs:

These three types of certification are the most popular, and the program you choose will depend largely on your particular circumstances. To further educate yourself about these courses, you may want to consider attending a Human Resource Development Institute, a national Human Resources Training School, or a career development center. that offers Human Resource Certificate Programs.

The HRDPE is the National Association of Schools and Colleges (NASC) approved Human Resources Development Professional Education Program. The NASC offers this certificate program at its career center and at NASC member schools. The courses include Human Resources Career Center: Introductory, Theory and Practice; Professional Practice in Human Resources Management; and Human Resources Management for the Private Sector. The program includes a general introduction to the field, and specific topics such as human resources planning, human resource management and related disciplines.

The NASC offers the Human Resources Career Center Certificate course with an Associate’s Degree in Human Resources (ASCE 5300) in Human Resources Administration, as well as the Master of Human Resources (MSW 4500) and Doctorate in Human Resources (MDW 500). Each of the two programs focuses on a specific topic of human resources management. Both programs provide a comprehensive overview of the field.

The Human Resource Security Associate (HRSIA) offers a Human Resources Specialist Certification and an HR Security Associate Certification. The programs provide an overview of the fields of human resources administration, including: hiring and firing practices; recruitment, staffing, and employment services; job requirements; training programs; and employee relations. HR security includes: payroll and benefits; health care and safety; and labor management. HRsecurity covers: financial, benefits, and liability; employee relations.

The HRSA provides certification for those individuals who have completed the Certified Human Resources Specialist (CHRS), or an Associate’s Degree in Human Resources Administration (ASCE 5300) or Bachelor of Human Resources and Security Specialist (BSW 1500). Both courses cover the same topics as the HRDPE and are nationally recognized as accredited programs. These programs provide a comprehensive overview of the fields of human resources administration.

The Human Resource Security Association (HRSIA) and HRSI offer the Professional Certification program, which is a four-year Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management (BSW 1500) from an accredited institution of higher learning, and the Professional Certification program, which is a three-year Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management (BSW 1500) from an accredited institution of higher learning. Both programs are nationally recognized as accredited programs.

Hire a Human Resource Consultant
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