Finance Book Review

The Florida business and finance exam are required by many first time contractor license applicants as well as taking the general contractor’s licensing exam. This book review will cover what the book is about and why you should read it. This review includes: A summary of what the book is about; a review of some of the chapters and topics discussed; a review of some of the chapter review that I found to be particularly useful; and my own thoughts and experience with this book. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the book.

The book is entitled, “Why You Should Study Finance”. It was written by Mark Gerson, who has studied business law and accounting for a number of years. He has written books on legal and accounting topics before and will do so again with this book. The book covers several areas of business law including insurance, investment banking and accounting.

The first chapter addresses the general conditions of a contractor’s license. The chapter covers several topics that include: the licensing process, requirements for a contractor license, and the rules governing contractors, among others. Most of these topics are covered briefly, but it is nice to know that the author has gone into great detail about these topics.

Chapter two, on contracts, discusses contract terms. It focuses primarily on three types of contracts: construction contracts, construction bids, and real estate transactions. There is also a short section on how to prepare for a construction contract.

Chapter three focuses on the rules regarding financing, which includes: what lenders are available and how they work; the difference between a business loan and an unsecured loan; and how to secure a business loan. The chapter also discusses financing rules for real estate transactions and how to secure financing.

Chapter four covers the rules governing banks. In this chapter the author examines a number of different rules that apply to banks. Some of these rules include: what lenders do not allow for business loans; and how to get financing from banks. The author also explains the importance of bank accounts. Chapter four also explains rules that apply to a construction contractor’s home-related loans.

Chapter five covers the rules regarding tax laws. The author explains how to deal with the Florida General Revenue laws and what type of contractor license is required to deal with business taxes and property taxes.

I have enjoyed reading other books about the Florida business and finance exam before, but I really liked this one because it was so informative and detailed. it really brought things together for me. I found the chapters to be very informative and fun to read.

Getting a book that teaches you everything you need to know about preparing for the exam is an important part of preparing for it. Even if you don’t take the exam, it can help you improve your knowledge about finance. Most books that cover preparation for the exam leave out some important information that could make your preparation go easier.

This book covers everything you need to know. The author provides a lot of examples and includes pictures to help you better understand what he is talking about.

The last chapter is about business law. Here the author explains tax laws and the rules that apply to state and federal taxes.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about their state’s finance exam and how to prepare for it. It is written in a clear and concise manner.

If you haven’t taken the exam yet, I suggest that you read the final chapter. I think it is one of the best sections of the book and could help you prepare even better for the exam.

The book is available online and is well-illustrated. It will help you understand the concepts presented in the book. It would be a good idea to take this book with you when you take the exam.

The book is priced at about thirty dollars, which is pretty reasonable. There are three free chapters that you can download after you buy the book.

Finance Book Review
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