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What is Statistical Quality Control?

Statistical quality control (SQC) is basically defined as the use of mathematical techniques in order to control or measure a certain production process. SPC tools and techniques can help you detect problems in internal systems, find solutions to production problems, and monitor performance. The first step in a quality management process involves the development of […]

How To Study For Biology Exams

The Biology Exam is a standard test given to all students of biology at the end of the undergraduate degree. It covers subjects like molecular biology, cell and tissue culture, plant and animal genetics, and animal behavior and physiology. The exam also includes about 115 questions to be answered within 90 minutes. Students who are […]

Net Programming Jobs

If you are interested in the development and implementation of software for use by business and other organizations, the field of net programming is right for you. In this career area you will be working with software that enables businesses to get their information across to the public in a convenient, easy and economical way. […]

How to Write Your Future Resume

‘Tech skills’ refers to technical skills related to computer technology. ‘Technological skills’ also include a wider range of skills related to software development. In general, it is easier to differentiate between the two than the former. For instance, when you are an experienced web designer with more than 15 years of professional experience, you’ll probably […]

What Does a Sociology Degree Entail?

Sociology is a study of how human societies interact with each other, how they affect each other, and how they effect society as a whole. The dictionary definition of sociology is “the systematic study of social interaction and society”. The term sociological comes from the Greek word social (social), logos (speech) and socius (helper). When […]

How to Prepare For a Numerical Reasoning Test

Take the time to prepare for your numerical reasoning test. If you are planning to take a numerical reasoning test, you need to be well versed with the questions you are likely to have to answer. This is especially true for the math portion of the exam. Prepare for the number of questions on your […]

Understanding Psychological Measurement

In order to better serve our customers and improve our own business, a psychological measure analysis team at Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc., has been actively involved in creating what has become known as the Qualitative Data Analysis methodology. This methodology is widely used in all aspects of business and the use of this methodology is […]

How the Cad Exam Can Benefit the Company

The CDA or Chartered Data Entry (CDE) exam is a test to be taken by the candidates who wish to work in the field of data entry. This field involves the process of entering data into the various departments and companies of the organizations. These companies have different departments where they need to enter the […]

Taking Pre-Algebra in College

Pre-algebra is an informal name for a class in elementary math. In the U.S., pre-algebra typically is taught in the fifth grade or seventh grade. The goal of it is simply to prepare students for further study of math. Pre-Algebra students will learn about various types of mathematical problems and will learn how to solve […]

Operations Management

Operations management is a vital aspect of any company, whether it provides a service or product to its consumers. The field is constantly evolving and developing. This curriculum is a very important introduction to this field of business. You should take this class because you can become a manager in this field. Operations management is […]

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